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Script-driven test tool with variable hierarchical output in HTML format Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016424D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Jan-03
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21
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Displaying automated test results using layers of HTML files allows efficient examination of results. Hyperlinks and color coding of failures allows the user to click through a hierarchy of test levels, efficiently seeing both high level trends and as much detail as desired.

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Script-driven test tool with variable hierarchical output in HTML format

Disclosed is a method for automatically generating hierarchically layered
results of software tests. In viewing results of a large collection of
automated tests, such as from a nightly test run, it is desirable to be
able to see results at multiple levels. One needs to see what groups
of tests failed, what individual sub-groups failed within major
groupings, what individual tests failed, and even where in an individual
test the failure occurred. This disclosure shows how to do this for
script-based tests; the same method applies to displaying results that
are not script based as long as each test definitely passed or failed.

Related test scripts are combined in a file. Some number of these files
are grouped together to form a collection of tests known as a BUCKET.

A BUCKET is embodied as a file containing a list of names of test scripts
and/or names of BUCKET files. A hierarchy of BUCKETs can exist (see
figure 1). Variable depth for the hierarchy is allowed. A test file or
BUCKET included by more than one higher-order BUCKET is run only once.
Recursive BUCKETs causing an infinite loop are not allowed.

The test driving program follows the BUCKET hierarchy and runs the test
scripts in depth first search order, storing results in HTML-formatted
files. The test file HTML output begins with one line
for each test case script within the test file. Each of these lines has
a colored (or other figurative) pass/fail indicator and an HTML link
(using the # construct) to the location of the part...