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Mechanical Structure for Security of Card (MiniPCI/Dimm) in PC Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016433D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Feb-16
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21
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In the personal computer, it is called for that a part removes to preparation for the addition of a user of a function. On the other hand, in order to prevent abusing a function, making the structure not to separate the function is also called for. Especially about the radio function, it is required that a system should not be changeable by customer. For that purpose, it is made to be impossible to remove the card or antenna of those radio functions. This idea shows the mechanism for protecting the wireless LAN of MiniPCI and an expensive Dimm card to avoid such removal.

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Mechanical Structure for Security of Card (MiniPCI/Dimm) in PC

  In a personal computer, the communication function is offered with a card called MiniPCI as shown in Fig. 1. The card is connected with the computer through a connector. And this card is fixed by latch as in the right and left sides. They are moved to right and left, and can remove this card. Therefore, the user is able to remove easily.


MiniPCI Connector

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as shown in Fig. 3, this holder has latches at the right and the left. And a hole for screw stops is added to the near.




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As shown in Fig.4, when this part is assembled and fixed at the hole with a screw, the left latch and right latch can move, then the part and the card are not able to be removed.

Fig 4




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·And if the part is fixed with a special security screw, it is impossible for a user to remove easily. If this screw portion is attached to a MiniPCI connector, this function will be added and it will be applied to all PCs, without depending on the design of a system at all. The type of the same connector can be used by memory card and it can be applied also to protection of these expensive cards. Since the MiniPCI and Dimm connector is also used for almost all PCs, this mechanism will be used widely.


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