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Shut down Application Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016434D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Feb-07
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21
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Disclosed is a method to provide the application which starts at the time of the shutdown of Windows(*). * Trademark of Microsoft Corporation

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Shut down Application

   There is a start-up function in Windows(*), but the application can not be started at the time of shutdown reversely.

If starting up an application when shutting down Windows(*) is possible, it can invoke an application to remind something to users before they finish daily operations and leave from office. For example, in the open office environment of these days, this idea can be utilized very effectively; it can remind users to put confidential documents or any other important materials in locked and secured place.

On this idea, a mechanism of an application which starts automatically at the time of shutdown of Windows(*) is offered. For instance, the following screens(Fig.1) is shown at the time of shutdown. It reminds users to secure any confidential documents in locked place before leaving from office. By pressing "OK" button, the shutdown process is proceeded and Windows(*) will be shutdown.


As a precondition, VisualBasic(*) is used for this idea. The following is about the mechanism and development procedure of this application.

Prepare Two forms, Form1 and Form2.

Make Form1's attribute invisible so that its window nor appearance in taskbar will

not be displayed. Write a script in the "Unload" of Form1 which controls to open Form2 when

Form1 is unloaded. Make Form2's attribute visible and write an informing message to users.






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