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Radical photoinitiators for holographic data storage Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016456D
Publication Date: 2003-Jun-23

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This disclosure relates to photoinitiators, which generate radicals and initiate polymerization of monomer upon irradiation with blue laser radiation, suitable for holographic data storage. The wavelength range of the blue laser is 390 - 420 nm, preferably 400-410 nm and particularly 405 nm. It was found that suitable classes of photoinitiators, which combine high reactivity with low absorbance at 405 nm are aminoacetophenones, acylphosphineoxides, bisacylphosphineoxides, oxime esters, and borate-dye combinations. Suitable dyes for blue laser radiation are for example coumarines, xanthones, thioxanthones , where oxime ester derivatives having a thioxanthone chromophor as part of the molecular structure are particularly preferred.