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Meso-Scale Enhancement for Improved Heat Removal from Laptop Computer Surfaces Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016460D
Original Publication Date: 2002-May-21
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-23

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Improving computer performance invariably translates to increasing power dissipation. No where does this pose a greater challenge than in laptop (mobile) computers. Present day laptops have their heat removed via natural convection from the outer casing (surface). Disclosed herein is an enhanced surface for a laptop casing that will increase the amount of heat that can be removed via natural convection and radiation. A representation of the proposed surface can be seen in Figure 1. The surface consists of regularly spaced protrusions that take the form of truncated pyramids. This shape has been selected to provide the greatest outward projection of surface for good radiation heat transfer while also increasing the surface area for natural convection. Figure 1: Example of a Meso-scale Enhanced Surface Figure 2 outlines the geometry associated with the protrusions: Px and Py define the pitch of the protrusions in the X and Y directions, Bx and By define the base of the protrusion, x and y define the top of the protrusion, and defines the angle of inclination of the protrusion surface. The characteristic dimension (Px and/or Py) is to be on the order of 2 mm to 5 mm in length. Dimensions of this order assure a pseudo-flat surface. Figure 3 illustrates the area enhancement that can be achieved for a representative set of dimensions. Area enhancement of 50% is readily achievable. Plates with the enhanced surface can be made out of aluminum for light weight. The protrusions can be formed inexpensively by stamping blank plates to the finished geometry.