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How to rent automobiles unattendedly. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016471D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Jun-24
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-24
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How to rent automobiles unattendedly. If this technology is used, since personnel expenses disappear from the cost of a rental car, the cost will be cut down sharply. Moreover, since personnel expenses are not applied, a rental car can be placed from at least one set and many places of a rental car can also be made in the very narrow range, the convenience of the side to be used improves sharply.

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How to rent automobiles unattendedly.

How to rent automobiles unattendedly . The conventional technology:

Conventionally, since the staff needed to be stationed and managed at each operating rental car store, the rent of a rental car needs personnel expenses. So without a certain amount of scale, it was not able to open an operating rental car store. For this reason, it was impossible to have opened the operating rental car store in front of a small station all over the country.

The purpose and outline of invention:

My invention becomes possible to makes a rental car space in front of a small station only with one rental car. So it is possible to reduce the cost of rental car charge to the cost of using taxi. For example, when we go home from the station by taxi, it is possible to rent a rental car in the station and drive to my house and return the rental car at the nearest rental car space. And we can rent a car with lower price than the taxi, because if the rental car time is only 10 minutes we can rent a car with very low price. In a middle or large city, it is possible to make a rental car space every 500 meters, because we don't need to hire any staff. This system can draw out the demand instead of a taxi sharply.

Structure of invention (Please refer to the illustrations below)

1. It is necessary to become the member of a rental car beforehand. At this time, the check of a license, the check of the credit card for paying, etc. are performed, and give a member IC card as a membership card. The IC card is very difficult to forge.
2. We attach the ring stop which carries out automatic opening and closing to the rental car in the rental car space. Its ring stop is the same as the one which is used in an unattended parking lot opened for 24 hours. And we make a controller which reads IC card and controls rental cars.
3. A member makes IC card read into a control device and performs the following process to use a rental car. 3-A. The check of the member number registered in the IC card, and registration of the rental car to be used. 3-B. Registration of the return point of a rental car. At this time, a ZIP code and a telephone number are used, or the entrainment point and return point of a member number to the past are taken out, and a return point is devised so that it may be easy to search. 3-C. Reserve the parking space for return at a return point. When there is no parking space in a return point, reservation is carried out by the ability not doing, or a nearby parking space is recommended. 3-D. If reservation is completed, the parking lock of a rental car to lend out will be removed. 3-E. Send the information "lock release of a door and starting of engine can do using the member's IC card" to a rental car.
4. A member goes to the rental car by which the parking lock was removed, performs lock release of a door, and starting of engine by the IC card, and uses a rental car.
5. When returning a rental car, return a rental car to t...