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RF shielded LCD image beamer for MRI examination room Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016474D
Publication Date: 2003-Jun-24
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“RF shielded LCD image beamer for MRI examination room”

In an MRI examination room it is often required to see the diagnostic images of the patient under examination. Display monitors always generate magnetic fields which disturb the MRI system dramatically. It is proposed to use an RF shielded LCD image beamer in the MRI examination room. An advantage is that the beamer can be positioned at a distance from the magnet of the MRI system, so that magnetic field compatibility is not an issue. Only measures must be taken in order to reduce magnetic fields generated by the beamer electronics.

An RF shield is positioned around the beamer. The optical light beam generated by the beamer is transferred through a shielded wave guide inside the beamer. The wave guide comprises a metal pipe with lenses in it, and the wave guide is positioned between the prisma and the projection lens of the beamer. In this way, the wave guide can have a minimal diameter, which is 1/3 of the wave guide length for the used MR RF frequencies. The wave guide is an essential part of the beamer, and can be formed as a constructive part of the RF shield which surrounds the beamer.

The video signal transmission can be achieved by modulating the electrical video signal into an optical signal, which can be transferred to the beamer via an optical fiber. Alternatively, the video signal can be transferred to the beamer via an RF signal, for example with a carrier frequ...