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Presentation Display Screen Capture Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016477D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Jun-24
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-24
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Presentation Display Screen Capture device for "freezing" the projected screen during a presentation (when using a projector) so as to navigate a computer screen without changing the display of the projected image.

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Presentation Display Screen Capture

The idea consists of a device that plugs in-between a computer and a display device such as a video projector ('male connector' into a computer's "video out" port, and 'female connector' into a display unit such as a projector). This device would take a "snapshot" of the "video out" from a computer and continue to display this data through the projector. This device would allow a user to "freeze" the active view on the computer screen in memory, and continue to display the saved image to an audience while at the same time allowing the user to navigate on their machine without the audience seeing.

This would allow the presenter to "hide" their screen from the audience while at the same time allowing the audience to see a portion of a presentation. Instead of turning off the presentation screen completely to work on their computer, the presenter could just take a snapshot of the current screen for display to the audience. This would be helpful if the presenter is navigating for a specific file to show the audience and does not want to lose the audiences' attention from the current portion of the presentation. Additionally, this could be used if the audience requests a screen to be displayed during a "break period" and the presenter needs to use the machine at the same time.

This device would function much like a video card with a "video in" and "video out" port in addition to a small amount of RAM to store the screen shot. The vi...