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A System and Method for RF Signal Switching Prompted by Signal Strength Monitoring Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016480D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Jun-24
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-24
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This publication details a means of automatically switching radio stations with comparable programming, based upon signal strength.

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  A System and Method for RF Signal Switching Prompted by Signal Strength Monitoring

This invention, in any of multiple implementation possibilities, will deal with the previously-discussed radio receiver shortcoming through the addition of new intelligent functions which take action on the commuter's behalf in the event that a low signal or signal loss condition is detected. This invention will now be further described and demonstrated through an example usage.
01. Radio tuner computer/microcode is updated with new "comparative auto-tune logic" Note: This logic could vary, however, in the preferred embodiment would constantly monitor the signal strength of the currently tuned programming and take no action if a predefined low signal threshold is not met. In the event of a low threshold hit, a search for the same programming would be undertaken and based on results, action would be taken. This will be discussed more fully in later steps.
02. Commuter selects current programming in legacy manor
03. Radio monitors current station signal strength
04. If signal remains above clip level, legacy behavior occurs
05. Upon detection of low signal/signal loss programming comparison begins Note: Implementation methods can again vary, however, in the preferred embodiment the inventors would implement a simple buffer and compare function within the receiver logic such that a sample of sufficient duration to compare present programming is taken, and if a match is found, and if the matching station is above the low signal clip level, the new station is automatically tuned. As an example consider the following:

    05a. User is listening to the football game on WSPN Sports 05b. Low signal threshold is reached 05c. Sample of each current signal is buffered 05d. Buffered samples are compared 05e. Match is determined based on buffering off-set and predefined requirement for percentage of similarity

    05f. Current Station is WSPN playing the football game and is operating at 69 % signal strength

    05g. Low signal clip...