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Method to facilitate customizable batch execute capability in marked up portions of any dynamic/static web pages by a user Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016522D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Jun-26
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-26
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A method to facilitate the automation of batching related commands or text with the help of tags and executing the same, if applicable with the help of plug-ins in a web browser.

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  Method to facilitate customizable batch execute capability in marked up portions of any dynamic/static web pages by a user

World Wide Web contains reams of Internet pages with instructions for installing software/enabling software spread all across a web page. It takes effort to compose a set of commands from the web page into a batch file and run those commands one by one in the order it is expected.

Currently there is no automated mechanism to compose and execute a set of commands in a batch mode from a web page. The benefits of a system that enables such automation, is primarily, a tremendous saving of time, accuracy and also helps the disabled, if the feature is available. The system could also be enabled to process the set of related commands/text from the web page using a program of choice.

The following features are required to have this functionality in web pages.

1) Provide anchor tags within the web page to enable the following plug-in.
2) A plug-in with the web browser to enable the composition of batches of command from a web page and perform the action configured in the plug-in, denoted as Plug-in-A for reference to this feature within the document.

When users visit a web page enabled with the above mentioned feature, users can select one of many related commands that are batched using the batch tags and right click to get an option that facilitate to compose and process the batch, with the help of Plug-in-A. The current disclosure facilitates simple concept that can be introduced with any browser currently available in the market.

A suggestion for the development of the plug-in for a web browser to facilitate the aspects of this feature is provided below:
a) Mark up of content in the web page so that it enables the 'execute' option on the browser.