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The business model for broadcasting contents distribution using speech recognition technology and Push type distribution. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016528D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Jun-27
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-27
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Disclosed is a business model for broadcasting contents distribution on the network. Characters are a user, an advertising company, and a contents owner company. This business model brings a sense of togetherness and joyful time for a user, direct marketing for advertising company, and viewer's direct reaction for contents owner company. It consists of Positive Data Push Model and Chat System and Data Synchronization.

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  The business model for broadcasting contents distribution using speech recognition technology and Push type distribution.

  This invention is based on the user interface which united an advertisement, broadcast contents, etc. with the voice/text input chat. And it is a new business model displaying them on real time and simultaneously. The interface by the side of a user is divided into three window, shown in Fig.1.

Movie, image, streaming, broadcasting contents area.

Advertisement area

Chat attendee list

  Chat data display window

Fig.1. Sample of user interface.

Contents are displayed on one of the lagest screens of it, and the text data of a chat and the advertisement are displayed on the two remaining screens with the chat participant list.

All users can setup to which user to join a chat. When one of two refuses, it cannot participate in the same chat group. Futhermore, since a participating user can be limited, being unable to display chat data can also be prevented by making data traffic mitigate.

Some users watch and listen to an animation, streaming, and the contents of broadcast through web browser or some application. When a chat is performed among a certain grouped users under this business model, the chat data is stored in the data center. If some keywords are included in the chat data, the center server will push an advertisement which related to the keyword to the specific group, this logic is called "Positive Data Push Model". This data flowchart is indicated in Fig.2.


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Client in a group Synchronous



Broadcasting [contents + advertising]

convert voice to text data.

Check ④③send text data chat data


                  Distribute chat data to the Display on the clientspecific group.

Hit a keyword



Chat DB


Fig.2 Typical flowchart.

The followings are the description of the flowchart.

A client join to a chat and talk to someone.

Client application convert user's voice to text data, or a user direct input text data.

Client application send the text data to center server.

Center server check the chat data if it includes keyword related to the advertisement.

Pull a specific advertisement data from database.

Center server synchronize all client belongs to specific group.

Store chat data to database.

Distribute advertisement data/image/movie/et...