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Mail-it! Function to Deliver Internet Attachment Files via Email Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016542D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Jun-27
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-27
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Mail-it! function allows email delivery of files attached to web pages.

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Mail-it! Function to Deliver Internet Attachment Files via Email

Overview :

The Mail-it! function uses a combination of internet, Lotus Notes and gateway technologies to allow a user to have files attached to (Lotus Domino managed) web pages delivered via email. The user is presented with an easy to use web interface to invoke the function. Through the Mail-it! function, users have the option to select individual or multiple attachment files from an internet document, and have them automatically mailed to either their Lotus Notes or internet email ids.


Prior to the Mail-it! function, if an internet user wanted to retrieve an attachment file(s) from the web to their workstation, they were required to go through a fairly straightforward series of clicks in their web browser, to actually begin the process of saving the file to disk. This process was quite inefficient and time consuming since it required the user not only to be continuously connected to the internet, but it also required waiting until the attachment file download completed, disrupting the flow and (for all but the highest speed connection lines) the performance of the user session. While this process took time for any connected internet users, it was especially time consuming and costly for mobile users with phone connections to the internet. This meant that if a user didn't have the time to wait for an attachment file to completely download, they would have to reinitiate the entire process over again at a time when the download could be achieved in it's entirety.


The Mail-it! function alleviates the amount of time users must consume in order to download files from the internet to their workstations. Using this function, users on the internet can invoke the "mail this attachment to me" function, typically by clicking on an icon in the web page (the Mail-it! (Mail Attachment) icon), type in their name, email address, select an email address format and choose single or multiple attachment files from the document. Upon clicking the Mail-it! submit button, they are finished with their request and receive a thank you message. They are free to immediately disconnect or continue with other activities on the internet without waiting for file processing to be completed. And, because cookies are used to save the user information on their workstation, subsequent Mail-it! requests will load the user information already filled in! All that the user needs to do is select the...