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Adhesive Assembly of Hard Disk Drive Components to Reduce Contamination Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016551D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Jun-27
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-27
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The intent of this disclosure is to drastically reduce or eliminate screw fastening and the contamination involved with that type of fastening system by applying it to the spindle, slider assembly, voice coil assembly, ramp attachment .

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Adhesive Assembly of Hard Disk Drive Components to Reduce Contamination

    The use of adhesives would drastically reduce contamination by the reduction of sliding and abrasion, caused by anything abrading another member. Operator fatigue and fastener cross threading would be eliminated as well as operator contamination by touching and handling screw drivers. The adhesive would be applied by automation equipment for precise dispensing volume and patterns.

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Figure 1 is a cross section of a disc (1) spindle assembly that has a built in bearing system and motor (2). Cyanoacrylate Instant adhesive (4) would be applied to the base casting (5) in a circular pattern. The motor assembly would be located by a proper fit (3) between the motor mounting flange and the base casting. Three standoffs (6) on the motor mounting flange would keep the spindle square to the mounting surface and keep the bond line precise for the instant adhesive to also act as a seal. The adhesive may be reworked when acetone is applied to the adhesive.


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Figure 2





Figure 2 is a top view and section view of the slider or read write head assembly (10). The cyanoacrylate adhesive (11) is applied to the base casting (12). The pivot shaft (13) and assembly is placed in the adhesive, and three standoffs (14) keep proper perpendicularity and bond line to seal the assembly.



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