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New Capsule Generation Double-End for Low Voltage IRR Lamps Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016581D
Publication Date: 2003-Jul-01
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New Capsule Generation Double-End for Low Voltage IRR Lamps

3.) Description of invention

To a) Application

-IRR (infrared-reflecting) double-end halogen lamp for Home-lighting in low and high voltage.
-Optical equipment eg for surgical light.
-New CAPSULline generation in low pressure version possible for open application. To have a high-end product for halogen PLUSline PRO COMPACT. To have a high-end product for "sulfit"-socket SV8.5 (See IEC 61-1 page 7004-81-4)

This new burner socket generation improve the performance of light and lifetime.

To b) Public

The same similar socket R7s is described in the drawing (see annex). The NORM socket is described in IEC 61-1 7004-92-3 / 7004-94A-4. The lamp holder is described in IEC sheet 7005-53A.

The "sulfit"-socket is described in IEC 61-1 page 7004-81-4 Socket R7s with cable is not published.


To c) Task

The double-end solution is ideal (more point light) for the light distribution specially in surgical light luminar.

Simple implementation for a high-end product Halogen PRO COMPACT. Simple implementation for "sulfite" solution.

To d) Action

We need R7s socket in different applications (See above mentioned). Longer ceramic socket for IRR can replace Halogen PRO COMPACT e.g. in high voltage.
(See drawing longer socket and with cable)

To e) Advantage

- Up to 80% Light performance improvement. - 50% lifetime improvement.

- By setting an IRR double-ended product standard in the market (retrofit for existing luminaries, fit...