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IBM DQA Web Code Scanner Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016583D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Jul-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jul-01
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A new IBM DQA Checking Tool -- IBMwebParser Disclosed is a program for checking the front-end code of web projects (xhtml) against IBM Global Web Architecture standards and guidelines (GWA). GWA is one of the most important standards and guidelines to follow in order to pass the IBM Global Services Deployment Quality Assurance (DQA) test. To have an accurate and effective tool to check GWA standards and guidelines is the dream of both developers and e-Advocates.

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IBM DQA Web Code Scanner

  After checking the code, the program individually lists code errors that are departures from GWA standards and guidelines. The software has a GUI interface; an example is shown below in the Figure:

The above Figure shows the result of using this software tool to check a file named depreciation.html. The program points out errors together with their line numbers. In the example above, the following errors were called out:

1. The <input> tag must be closed,
2. The ID name "control" must be unique;
3. The <img> tag must have an alt attribute;
4. The <TD> tag is wrong, should be <td>;
5. The <IMG> tag is wrong must be <img>;
6. The first <meta> tag format is wrong, the correct format is at the related web address;

7. The color #999977 is wrong, it is not in IBM color pattern;
8. The web accessibility check point 8 is the function of skip to the main contents on the web page.

This invention has the following significant advantages:

1) It provides an easier and faster way for web code developers to learn and understand IBM GWA standards and guidelines. The IBM GWA standards and guidelines can be put together in a huge pile of documents. It would take a significant amount of time just to read them, not to mention comprehend them. By pointing out detailed errors in the code being checked, this tool


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shows to the web code developers how IBM GWA standards and guidelines apply. This can...