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IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016602D
Publication Date: 2003-Jul-02

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John Frederick Teskey


The invention concerns the energy usage vs. information flow in an interactive device, such as an electronic program guide television. Consumer Electronic devices are coming under increase scrutiny for energy efficiency these days. However, there is a problem associated with electronic program guide (EPG) equipped televisions for regulating their energy efficiency because at certain times when the set is "off" it turns part of itself back on to download data from the vertical blanking interval (VBI) of certain channels. For example, the Gemstar system tunes different channels at different times to acquire different types of data according to a schedule that is frequently broadcast on their VBI data network. Under such circumstances, it is unclear if additional specifications and limits will be established for EPG TVs or if this data acquisition mode of operation will be deemed part of it's normal on (non-standby) operation. In order to solve this problem this invention allows a user to set the frequency and amount of data that his device will obtain and thus he can set how much energy he is willing to use on this feature. Such user's action would be similar to use of his thermostat in winter. If he wants all of the data available at all times he sets his energy thermostat up higher.