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Automatic Integrated E-Mail Complaint Mechanism Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016624D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Jul-07
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jul-07
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Sending complaints to e-mail providers because one of their users is sending spam or other objectionable material is a hassle. Currently, the user has to dig through the e-mail header, find the origin server of the e-mail, possibly perform a "who is" lookup to find the owning entity of the domain name, send an e-mail to along with proper subject and message content, etc. Described herein is a method to automate the process of reporting spam using software integrated into the e-mail client.

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Automatic Integrated E-Mail Complaint Mechanism

  The user will be able to select an e-mail and indicate (possibly via a context-menu) that they would like to complain about it because it contains objectionable content, such as spam. The software will then parse the header for the earliest mail server to hand-off the e-mail. This mechanism can then opt to look up the domain host of that server using a whois query and send complaints to that entity as well. A list of target e-mail addresses are then contructed by appending the domains that have been extracted from this process to the string "abuse@". The content of the e-mail will include the full content of the offending e-mail, including all header information and will have a proper title such as "SPAM: Unsolicited Junk Mail." If desired, the user can be prompted to provide the header of the subject, however, the system can provide a default title to expedite the process.

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