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(RSS) Method of embedding Autonomic routine in an Application Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016629D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Jul-07
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jul-07
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A means is provided for an operating system to query the health of and possibly fix an application by calling a second entry point in the application that can examine the internal state of the application, possibly modify it's state, and report back.

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(RSS) Method of embedding Autonomic routine in an Application

Disclosed is a method for providing a second entry point (a diagnostic/repair program) to an application that can examine, possibly modify, and report on the state of the application. A diagnostic/repair program and an application are linked into a single image as if they were a single executable. The diagnostic repair routine is tightly coupled with the application and is knowledgeable about it's internals. This means that you have 2 logical entities linked into a single image that would logically present two entry points to the OS. One would be recognizable by the OS as the main appl and the other entry point would be the diagnostic/repair routine. When the appl is started, the OS uses the entry point which starts the application portion of the image. When the OS (or some other authorized entity) seeks to intervene in the working of the appl, the second entry point is activated in a different process. Because the 2 entities share the same memory and are 'link edited' together it makes it very easy for the routine to examine and/or modify the internals for the main application. Note that with some minor modifications, this idea also would work for an OS. For an OS another method would have to be provided to start the diagnostic repair routine since the OS may be incapable of starting it by itself.

    When external intervention occurs, you get two independent processes running in the same memory space. Ru...