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(RSS) Wireless Consumer Assistance Device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016634D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Jul-07
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jul-07
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Disclosed is a device which provides a discrete and real time method to request associate assistance and receive real time feedback that the assistance request was noted and is being responded to.

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(RSS) Wireless Consumer Assistance Device

   The Wireless Consumer Assistance Device (WCAD) is a wireless device available to every customer upon entry to the store. When assistance is needed, the consumer presses the 'Help' button on the un thereby generating an assistance request. A status indicator on the unit is updated, indicating the assistance request was received. This provides feedback to the consumer that their request was note the assistance request was not successfully received, the status indicator does not change and the consumer may re-request assistance. Subsequent assistance requests from the same customer are n the priority of the request is increased.

    Using available location detection methodologies, the location of the WCAD/customer within the store is displayed on a locator panel monitored by store associates. When a store associate is about to respond to the assistance request, a status update is transmitted to the WCAD, again updating the status indicator so the customer knows that help is on the way.

    The device also includes a 'queue level' indicator so that the sales associate can determine the order in which help requests were received, in the event that multiple WCAD requests are received for the same store location. In addition, the device includes a 'panic' button which can be used to alert store associates to an emergency situation. (Theft, fire, etc).

    Devices are security tracked, so they could not leave the store without setting off t...