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User-Controlled Network Printing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016683D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Jul-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jul-09
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Have you ever sent a document to a network printer, only to discover afterwards that the printer is offline, or has run out of toner or paper, or has a paper jam? And, of course, this invariably happens at the exact moment you need the printout for an important meeting. So what do you do? -- you submit the job to another printer (first having run down the hall to make sure that the newly selected printer is active before submitting the job).

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User-Controlled Network Printing

What is proposed is the development of a software program that runs on workstations which are attached to network printers. When a print job is submitted to a specified printer, the program would query the printer first to see if there is problem. If there is a problem with the selected printer, the program can then scan the network to determine if there's another printer available and then ask the user if the other printer should be used instead.

As a further expansion of this idea, the program could be extended to allow customization by each user. For example, if the user were to be able to select 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday as his normal hours for printing to occur, the job would only print during these hours (queueing the print job if necessary).

The advantages of this solution are that the user gains immediate feedback on his attempts to print (is the printer offline? is there an alternate printer? etc.) and can configure printing options to avoid documents from printing out when he is not in the office.

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