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Virtually Unlimited Remote Wireless Storage for Multimedia Devices Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016684D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Jul-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jul-09
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Disclosed is a method for: realizing virtually unlimited storage, reducing form factor, and increasing the reliability of multimedia devices using broadband wireless technologies to facilitate remote data storage.

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Virtually Unlimited Remote Wireless Storage for Multimedia Devices

Multimedia devices have finite I/O storage (DVD,CD, tape, etc.) capabilities. Higher capacity storage technologies, for example DVD and CD technologies, require mechanisms which are prone to failure due to use and age. Incorporating local storage systems in multimedia devices often increases the cost and size of a device. Device form factors are increasing becoming compact with a push to reduce power requirements. In contrast, multimedia applications increasing require larger amounts of local storage and longer battery life. This presents a technical challenge.

How can virtually unlimited storage be realized in multimedia devices? How can reliability, related to mechanical parts, be improved? How can device cost associated with I/O function be reduced? How can form factors in these devices be made more compact?


The proposed disclosure offers the following advantages:
· Virtually unlimited storage capabilities in wireless enabled multimedia devices
· Remote accessible storage (recording and playback) by any internet enabled device
· Improved reliability and extended device battery life (I/O functionality without moving parts)
· "Plug and play" (Employs standardized wireless I/O interface protocols)
· Data sharing among different types of devices


Unlimited remote storage capability for multimedia consumer products is realized through broadband wireless and internet storage data management technologies. Storage media (CD, tape, hard file, etc) on multimedia devices will be replaced with a...