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Autonomic Printer System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016729D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Jul-11
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jul-11
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This disclosure is designed to automatically find the closest printer that matches the requirements needed to print a document. It also allows for re-routing of print jobs and notification of a technician or staff member when a printer becomes disabled.

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Autonomic Printer System

Disclosed is a system that allows printing based on location, notification of printers that are disabled, and rerouting of print jobs from disabled printers to capable printers. In printing systems today even though there are multiple printers with the ability to print a job, only one can be chosen. If a selected printer is down, another printer needs to be manually selected to reroute the print job. Furthermore, for the mobile work force, a printer has to be reconfigured and selected from a the list of available printers for a given campus.

The invention consists of print daemons that can connect to any printer or print servers that automatically selects the printer, which is closest to the user. A notification is sent to the user to indicate the printer used for the print request. If a printer becomes disabled any jobs in that printer's queue are rerouted to the next closest printer that either matches the currently disabled printer's specifications or is designated as a substitute. When the job is transferred, a message is sent to the submitter's computer notifying them of the change in printing location. If the job cannot be transferred or no printer can substitute for another the user is also notified. The job redirection system can also be used to redirect jobs to printers that are not currently busy and are acceptable substitutes for the original printer; the user can either accept or reject the transfer of the job to another printer.


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Figure. Example of the autonomic printing system

Referring to the figure above, there are two floors in the building, each with a print server connected to three printers and...