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Method for automatic archival of mail threads via the mail server due to tagged email. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016730D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Jul-11
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jul-11
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What is proposed is the use of the mail gateway as the archival node which searches the tags in email looking for special tags or rules that would automatically cause a copy of the email to be archived.

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  Method for automatic archival of mail threads via the mail server due to tagged email.

A major component to business these days is email transactions or communications. Obviously, email makes it easier to coordinate activities internally and externally to a company. Another benefit of email transactions is the ease in which they can be archived for security or legal purposes. However, this archival depends on the vigilance of the sender or receiver.

As has been noted in recent years, this archival or lack of it could also be corrupted by some individuals or companies. Emails could be "shredded" or purposely not saved to prevent a paper trail from being constructed by investigators. Or, there are common cases where a person's hard drive fails and the previously saved email on the disk drive is lost unless recovery procedures can extract that data. Finally, there is the case where an email sender or recipient cannot be sure what is or is not important email to archive. They must balance this concern about future situations, such as lawsuits or legal investigations, against how much disk space they can spare for projects that seem to no longer matter.

Thus, a solution is needed to help do selective archival of email transactions that are automatic, do not take up local space, and can be recalled at a later time. What is proposed is an automatic archival system in which the mail gateway, not the user, performs automatic archival of specific email threads that pass through the gateway.

When email is sent from a client machine, it must pass through a mail gateway so that the true address of the receiver can be determined. This is true if the mail is remaining within a company firewall (intranet) or leaving the firewall (internet). The user can use a speci...