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RACF User Data Field Program Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016835D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Jul-17
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jul-17
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Program to modify and display the RACF User Data fields in profiles with various data.

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RACF User Data Field Program

    The program RCFUSRD is written as a TSO Command and uses RACF provided macros to display and manipulate the User Data fields. In addition, RCFUSRD verifies the calling user's access to a FACILITY profile. Failure to have access will result in the program ending without displaying or manipulating the field.

RCFUSRD must be linked AC=1 into an APF authorized program. RCFUSRD must be included in the AUTHCMD list in the IKJTSOxx member of parmlib.

RCFUSRD uses the following syntax:


[USER(userid) | ID(userid) | GROUP(groupid) | GENRES(profile) | RESOURCE(profile) ] [CLASS(classname) ] [LIST | DISPLAY | UPDATE(value) ]


label specifies the value of the USERNM field.

USER(userid) | ID(userid) specifies a USER profile GROUP(groupid) specifies a GROUP profile GENRES(profile) | RESOURCE(profile) specifies a General Resource profile userid specifies the name of a USER profile.
group specifies the name of a GROUP profile.
profile specifies the name of a General Resource profile.

CLASS(classname) specifies the general resource class associated with the profile. The parameter is only valid GENRES or RESOURCE were not specified. It is ignored otherwise.
classname specifies the class name for a General Resource profile.

LIST | DISPLAY specifies the profile USRDATA field will be displayed for USRNM=label. UPDATE(value) specifies the profile USRDATA field will be overwritten with the contents of value where the USRNM=label.

LIST is...