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The High Availability System Development with variable back-end service layers Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016999D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Jul-22
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jul-22
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My invention is the new 3 layers Back-end system structure that completely secures both flexibility and reliability for the online system. This invention is the most effective to financial core online systems that the highest reliability is mandatory for. The new 3 layers system structure is composed of SLS(Service Level Selector) system, SSL(Strategic Service Layer) system and BSL(Basic Service Layer) system, where an online service is separated into two services, 'Strategic Service' and 'Basic Service', to be served in SSL and BSL respectively. SSL provides flexible system development environment and on the other hand BSL realizes the highest reliable online system. However, such a multiple components structure is likely to pull down the system reliability to the level of the least reliability component. My breakthrough is that BSL is designed to have capability to offer 'Basic Service' independent from SSL if SSL would fail, while both layers normally collaborate each other to serve one online service. The third layer SLS is always monitoring SSL and BSL and will route online transaction messages directly to BSL, instead of SSL, when a SSL stoppage is perceived. This 3 layers online system design is able to attain the same high reliability as BSL.

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The High Availability System Development with variable back-end service layers

1.Background IT is comprised of two different cultures, Closed IT culture and Open IT culture. Closed IT culture TMproducts, like IBM[1] MVSTM[1] technology, have its unique specifications defined by the developers. TMOn the other hand, Open IT culture products, like UNIX[2] technology, have been regulated by common standards defined by the standardization organization. Two different cultures should be well integrated in an information system that includes various kinds of products provided by many different vendors, where some are Closed culture products and others are Open culture ones(fig.1).

   Actually, some financial online systems like a banking online system, that have been developed on Closed MVS IT culture, face the following serious IT culture contradiction.
(1) Development using Closed culture IT will suffer a acute shortage of skilled developers.

Lately, MVS skilled developers are constantly decreasing due to a decline in Closed IT culture system development market. Therefore, it has been more difficult to secure MVS skilled developers for maintaining their IT systems in spite of increasing systems requirements to change the current IT systems.
(2) Development using Open culture IT won't attain the their systems requirement

While Open IT culture has ample skilled developers, some IT systems requirements mandatory for financial online systems, high reliability and maintainability of long life applications, will be hindered to be achieved, due to its characteristics, like lack of compatibility, quickly changing platforms and inconsistency among system products provided by various providers. To struggle with this standstill of financial online systems, a new idea of online system design should be required to make the best of both cultures.

Fig. 1 Closed IT culture and Open IT culture

 Two different sides in a Information System

High reliability Long system life Operability Database oriented Continuing system investment

Strategic system Flexibility, Agility required Short term system Process oriented One time investment


Specification regulated by Compatibility Slow Changing Well integrated system products Stable and reliable system operation

OPEN IT Culture

Specification regulated by de-facto standard Compatibility sometimes ignored Changing accelerated by competition Not so well integrated system products that various many venders provide

2.Summary of Invention My invention is to separate one online service into two different service layers, 'Basic Service Layer (BSL)' and 'Strategic Service Layer (SSL)' and to establish practical online system structure so that combine non-reliable SSL system with reliable BSL system into the reliable one.

   BSL is the layer to carry out a skeleton service that a customer requires and is mainly developed on the Closed IT culture in financial online systems to attain the highest reliability and resp...