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A dual-mode smart controller for personal communication networks and LAN-like broadband wireless network Disclosure Number: IPCOM000017882D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Oct-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jul-23

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Kurt Aretz Edgar Bolinth Giancarlo Lombardi [+details]


The addressed problem is related to bridging and routing between LAN-like broadband wireless net- works (W-Network 1) and personal public communi- cations networks (W-Network 2). W-Network 1 is assumed to serve delimited areas with a concentration of users producing on average low-medium traffic amount with high peaks. On the contrary W-Network 2 is assumed to serve many different environments and support on average low-medium traffic amount with low-concentrated users. The aim is to optimize the quality of data exchange between couples of us- ers, each belonging to a different network, also in the perspective of different network operators (Fig. 1). A typical solution is depicted in Fig. 1. The data coming from a wireless user of W-Network 2 goes through Operator 2 Backbone Network, comes to Operator 1 Backbone Network, either through a dedi- cated gateway or through normal Inter-network, and finally to the destination wireless user of W-Network 1. The difficulty of this solution lies in gateway plan- ning on fixed network and/or in using the Internet for communication between backbones. In any case the communication has to go through two backbones.