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Sending email with Application 'Snapshots' that can be acted on Disclosure Number: IPCOM000018315D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Jul-23
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jul-23
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Being able to do more with email. That is exactly why this invention was made. Instead of just pretty pictures and loads of information in email, email users are looking for 'smart' emails. This invention allows the email user to inherit the application or whole subject of the window or panel, thus significantly reducing the amount of time, email space and 'clicks' required to get the information portrayed from one email user to the next.

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Sending email with Application 'Snapshots' that can be acted on

   Email users constantly have the need to show windows or panels from different applications. Those panels sometimes are within the same property sheet (which is several panels with tabs within the same window), like the following:

     When the user wants to show each of the panels above, the General panel, the Network Id panel, etc., the user needs to do an Alt PrintScreen (Alt PrtSc) for each panel and copy/paste each panel into the email independently.

     This invention will allow the user to copy the entire property sheet object with one operation that permits the email receiver to act on the object copied, permitting the receiver to select the 'Support Information' button above, selecting each panel.

     This invention solves the problem of having to do many Alt PrintScreen copy/pastes into an email. This also saves significant time, and allows the sender to discuss more than one part of the panels. This would be a magnificent mechanism to solve customer problems with software.

     Another embodiment would be to allow X-levels of operations to be done on the property sheet, like all Tabs could be selected in the example above and all controls on each of the panels could be executed. This would need to be done when the object is selected to be copied, an option is offered to allow two additional controls beyond what was copied.

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     Take this example:...