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System for Handling and Displaying National Language Numeric Amounts Disclosure Number: IPCOM000018586D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Jul-24
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jul-24

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People are able to represent numerical amounts with numeric phrases each of which consists of a number and a modifier word. For example, 5.2 million can signify 5200000, 2 lakh can signify 20000, or 3 Crore can signify 300000. Modifier words may be replaced by an abbreviation, such as 'k' for thousand, 'M' for million and 'Cr.' for Crore. People in one region of the world may not comprehend a numeric phrase created by a person in another region. For example, a Crore is perfectly comprehensible to a Hindi or Punjabi speaker from India but what does Crore represent to a French speaker from Quebec? Sometimes the same phrase can mean diffrerent amounts for the same language in different regions of the world; for example, the billion has a vastly different value in the UK than in the USA (both using the same language, English). Software programmers use user interface widgets such as entry fields, and labels to input and display numeric amounts in software applications which include data entry applications, spread sheets, databases, web pages etc.. Software applications today do not have the ability to recognize, process, and present numeric phrases specific to the language and country/region of a computing device's execution environment. This invention overcomes these limitations.