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Performer Based - Black Box/White Box Process Modeling Disclosure Number: IPCOM000018672D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Jul-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jul-31
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The BizADS meta-model includes a process model. This was used to assess various modelling techniques to see whether the model could support them. The most common technique uses "Black Box/White Box" decomposition to support successive elaboration of a process. Most tools and modellers treat this process modelling approach as one of recursive processes. However the boundaries for elaboration are typically arbitrary (process, sub-process and activity being example levels of decomposition) and while the "White Box/Black Box" approach suits top level drill down, it does not support any form of roll-up or assembly of decomposed processes. As it is quite common for the process analysis to start at an arbitrary point is is important to be able to work from the middle out. Using a combination of "Black Box/White Box" technique and structural analysis of the Performer, it is possible to provide richer process model tooling support. The technique provides a less arbitarary basis for decomposition and allows automatic roll up of procceses. The technique separates the Process Definition, from its analysis view. This allows tooling to handle handle change of modelling persepective from the process model itself, unlike techniques built solely on recursive processes.where modelling persective changes are not explicity supported. The combination of the using the performer struturing and "Black Box/White Box" (Performer based Black Box/White Box Process Modelling) is introduced. The analysis also looked at how typical process hiearchy diagrams would be represented using the BizADS classification secheme or as a reprentation of a process control hiearchy.

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Performer Based - Black Box/White Box Process Modeling

1.Process Models

There are numerous generally accepted business process modelling techniques. Two of the most common are ~gLine of Visibility Model~h (LOVM) and UML activity diagrams. In both of these techniques there is a set of swinlanes denoting the Role or Responsible Party. An example is provided in ~gFigure 1. LOVEM Style Process Diagram~h.


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Strategic Direct - Core Process


In Bound

6. Engage Customer - Shop

Authenticate/Authorize Determine Shop/Entitled Price/Planning Rate Browse/Search/Select/Configure Suspend/Resume/Intiate Workflow

TSR Assist

2. Setup Sell

Setup Content Setup Segment Store Setup MB Commerce Assets

7. Engage Customer - Sell

Authenticate (TSR) Authenticate/Authorise (Customer) Route Call Present Customer Information Present Opportunities Capture Source Code/Agreed Price

Out Bound


5. Sync

Ready to Sell

3. Market Offering

Note: TBD


4. Setup Party

Classify Party Setup Customer Store Setup Contract Setup Party Authorisation Authenticate Party Authorise Party

Product Source

1. Release Product

Setup ECCM Model Configuration Setup Sources of Supply

Fullfillment Organistion

8. Fulfill Order

Schedule Order Manage Order Ship Release Invoice


8. Manufactor

Transform CTO Off Build

Figure 1. LOVEM Style Process Diagram

The example has organisational level performers such as IBM, Fullfilment Organsiation and role based performers such as Customer, Product Source and Build. In a typical top down process design each of these process items would be further deposed to provide greater detail. That is the black box process will be treated as a white box. This elaboration process is illustrated in the following two figures.


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LOVM - Black Box - Shop & Supply


Adjust Payment

Recieve Notification Adjust Payment


Generate Order

Order Incomplete


Manage Order

Enter Order Verify Order/Customer Charge Credit Card

Hold Order

Fulfill Order

Allocate Inventory Generate Releases Ship Releases

Figure 2. Black Box Process (A)

The process is then elaborated to show the order management process within IBM (see ~gFigure 3. White Box Elaboration (B)~h).

LOVM - White Box - Order Management



Send e-Mail Order

Receive Notification

Review Status


                             Unpa Continue withInstal order

Order Incomplete

Process Order

Enter Order Submit Order

Handle Payment Update

Change Payment Details


Receive Order

Verify Customer Verify Order

Hold Order

Hold Order Notify Customer

Release Order

Release Order


Chec Gene Ship

Payment Processing

Charge Credit Card


Payment Recieved

Held Order

Figure 3. White Box Elaboration (B)


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The example has IBM being disected into Accounts, Distribution and Using a typical modelling tool this elaboration will...