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Autonomically Booting on a PC Using PARTIES Disclosure Number: IPCOM000018734D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Aug-04
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Aug-04
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A method is disclosed that provides a rational framework for dealing with a personal computer that "fails to boot" but has no detectable (by POST) hardware faults.

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Autonomically Booting on a PC Using PARTIES

   When a computer does not successfully complete the boot process, how does a computer assist the user in repairing the system. A self healing PC would need know that the system did not boot and automatically initiate an action (reload PC, run diagnostics, put up a help screens, PXE boot, write to the network for a trouble ticket, ... Because the action taken must be tailored to a customers preferences, a system must be developed which aid the computer in walking a customer through the various stages of debug. This disclosure will address this situation:

The problem needs to be broken down into several separate solutions. First, if the BIOS cannot find a bootable hard file or a valid PARTIES partition, the BIOS cannot load code to assist in the debug process. The first step in this solution is to load a profile into the BIOS which informs the BIOS what should be done in this case. This profile is customer unique so tools will be generated to assist the customer in developing the profile. A profile will be added to the BIOS which tells the BIOS to perform an action upon finding no valid data on the hard file. The choices could be perform a PXE boot, boot off a specific CD (whose label or digital signature can be validated by the BIOS) for recovery, or to run diagnostics.

Note: The existing error boot sequence does not apply to this situation since there is no detectable hardware error other than it won't boot.

Now the second part of this solution is if there is no valid data on the hard file but there is a valid PARTIES partition. The profile in the BIOS might inform the BIOS to automatically boot to a specific Parties partition. This partition would be responsible for determining the corrective action . E...