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Traffic generator with interactive traffic properties control Disclosure Number: IPCOM000018740D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Aug-05
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Aug-05
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Described is a network traffic generator capable of interactive traffic control. Real-time manipulation of the test traffic makes it easier to analyze certain traffic problems: such as QoS (Quality of Service) problems, which requires many cut and try test cases.

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Traffic generator with interactive traffic properties control

   In the network testing, a traffic transmitting device, traffic generator,  and a  receiving device, traffic receiver, are generally used. 

There are two types of network verification. One is to verify the tolerance of network  device to traffic load, the other is to test the QoS(Quality of Service) function, which  is to prioritize and transmit important traffic over lower priority traffic and to  discard less important one within limited line capacity.  

Current traffic generators are sufficient to test the tolerance to traffic load only by  transmitting frames or packets to network devices as fast as possible and by monitoring  the arrival probability of frames or packets at the receiver.

However, some QoS Tests requires precisely controlled traffic. As an example, in order to  solve the QoS problems, there's a need to reproduce the symptoms by re-creating certain  traffic patterns with traffic generators. In solving this type of trouble,. it is very  difficult to re-create traffic patterns which could reproduce the problem. Because such  traffic patterns can not be created by top-down approach using some mathematical formulas  or techniques. Generally, such patterns can be found only by trial and error method.  On the other hand, traffic generators generally have a mechanism to define traffic  patterns beforehand and transmit the traffic following defined patterns. Therefore, in  order to find specific traffic patterns, it takes a long time to repeat pattern creation  and traffic transmission.

One reason why traffic generators only have these limited function is that they are  designed for the typical test patterns. Current traffic generators excel in the  verification of designed network, but are not suitable for problem solving as they are  not be able to re-create all traffi...