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Elimination of the header page used to separate completed non-duplex jobs in duplex capable digital printers Disclosure Number: IPCOM000018833D
Publication Date: 2003-Aug-15

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Prior to ripping a job for printing, the job submitter's name is identified by the printer's software. While the rest of the job is ripping, the digital printer prints this name at the top of a page, which is then fed into the duplex inverter inside the printer. The rest of the job is then printed and is placed in the output tray face down. The last page of the job is fed from the duplex inverter and the image is printed on the side of the paper opposite the submitter's name. This puts the submitters name face up in the output tray at the end of the job. This allows identification for job separation when there are multiple jobs in the output tray, while maintaining privacy, since the contents of the document are face down. Since the submitters name is printed on the back of the page, it doesn't show up in the text of the document, which can then be copied and distributed in it's original form.