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Jar Install Product Action (Java bean) object for Installshield Multiplatform (IDE) software Disclosure Number: IPCOM000018838D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Aug-17
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Aug-17
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Current Installshield MultiPlatform (ISMP 5.0 ) (Integrated Development Environment for developing installation program for a software product) creates an installer by compressing and packaging the product files configured in an install project setup and creates a single jar which can be very large. The proposed invented visual "JarInstallProductAction" java bean for ISMP will allow the installation designer to specify the jar files as subpackages (sub features of a product installation) in the ISMP IDE project setup and will do the installation and uninstallation of the subfeature files contained in the jar files. It will eliminate the need to package the "jar" tool of Java SDK to decompress the files during installation. At runtime, the JarInstallProductAction bean will allow user to download the product files in pre-configured smaller size jar files (for user selected subfeatures) from a website and do the installation of the files on the user's machine. The JarInstallProductAction visual java bean can be used in any ISMP 5.0 install project. The big advantage will be in using the JarInstallProductAction visual object to develop media based CD/DVD installer and internet based web installer within one installation project setup and provide a single installer exe.

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  Jar Install Product Action (Java bean) object for Installshield Multiplatform (IDE) software

Jar Install Product Action is a visual java bean for ISMP IDE which can be used in any ISMP 5.0 install project to facilitate the subfeature installation. The visual bean object will allow the installation designer to specify a jar file (compressed subfeatures product files) in the ISMP project as subfeature and once the installer is build, at runtime this object will do the installation of files on the users machine based on user's selection of that subfeature. The bean will also facilitate the uninstallation of the product files when the user wants to uninstall that that subfeature. The bean will allow incorporating subfeatures as jar files inside ISMP's install project. Also, it will facilitate providing one installer exe to do installation from different media sources CD/internet. By inserting the JarInstallProductAction visual bean in a ISMP IDE project setup, the install designer will be able to configure the source directory of the jar file and the destination directory on the user machine where the decompressed files will be installed. JarInstallProductAction also provides the calculated disk space requirement for installing the subfeature files on the destination directory of the user's machine.

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