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Service to automate cell phone features settings / configurations on demand or at a scheduled time Disclosure Number: IPCOM000018854D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Aug-18
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Aug-18
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The proposed paper describes a software internet service to automate the feature configuration and selection of the features on the mobile phones during different duration of time in a day or during different days, based on user preferences, pre- configured using user's website account. Also by keeping preferences data on the network eliminates the need to have bigger memory and high power CPU on the cellular phones.

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  Service to automate cell phone features settings / configurations on demand or at a scheduled time


Following are the steps:

1: User will log on to the account over the internet, and make changes to his cellular phone features , including new feature described above

2: The service described here has a capability to work as an internet based service to allow user to update the features as well as an IVR service to establish connection to the cellular phone and having user interaction.

3: This previsioning service will be using wireless protocol to monitor the status of the cellular phone as well .

4: This service at a pre-configured time will establish a wireless connection to the cellular phone.

5: After successful connection establishment, this service will be sending new feature data to the cellular phone.

6: At the completion of update user will be notified and asked if they want to commit.

7: User also has a option of over riding the commitment notification during the initial configuration.

8: Upon users approval phone features will be updated at the pre scheduled times.

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Current mobile phones will not have to require big memory or CPU power capacity which consumes more power and reduce battery's charged lifetime. User will be able to modify his


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configuration using website service with easy to use UI interface and automate the down load of these profiles to cell phone using this service.

The advantage of the proposed method is that the cell phone owner will not have to worry about settings the features on the cell phone dur...