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Electronic Data Logging, Monitoring, and Encouragement Weight Lifting Equipment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000018881D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Aug-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Aug-19
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This invention is designed for pervasive weight lifting equipment; it logs and monitors data as well as offering encouragement and help when needed.

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  Electronic Data Logging, Monitoring, and Encouragement Weight Lifting Equipment


Disclosed is a device that logs and monitors data and encourages and motivates people to complete the work out set. Weight lifting is safest when working out in pairs; one can spot and give encouragement to the other lifting the weights and help log the number of repetitions and weight used. However, it is often difficult to work out in pairs due to schedules and other real world situations. Weight lifting equipment augmented with the electronic data logging, monitoring, and encouragement system can fix this problem. It can unobtrusively log the amount of repetitions and weights used as well as monitor each repetition to determine if the user is having trouble lifting the weight. If it determines there is trouble it can react appropriately by either stopping the weights from falling or by assisting the lifter in either lowering or lifting the weight.

Logging On

The first step in using the device is logging onto the system. Logging on can occur in any fashion. If can be a simple card reader or keypad or as complex as a touch screen system or biometric reader. The log on can also be ignored completely if only one person ever uses the machine.

Logging onto the system allows for various preferences to be set. The preferences can range from the voice to use of the number of sets and repetitions per set, or the amount of help wanted at any given time during the workout. The preferences can be stored either on the machine...