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Method to Update Archived Contact Information Disclosure Number: IPCOM000018883D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Aug-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Aug-19
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There are many archives where documents contain email addresses. There are situations where one may want to update the email contact information in these archives because a person's email address has changed.

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Method to Update Archived Contact Information

The solution to above problem is by embedding a public key along with the email address in the document. Later if someone wants to change the email address, all they have to do is send an update message which includes the original email address and the both the old and new email addresses encrypted with the corresponding private key. The archive will search the documents for email addresses that match the original email address in the message and apply the public key to get the old and new email addresses. If they match, then it guarantees that the sender of this message was the original author and it is OK to trust them.

The following components would be required to implement our invention:

Archive Management Server

This server would handle requests to update address tags in the archive.

Archive Management Client This client will allow a user to specify the following pieces of information: - The original email address
- The updated email address
- Private key to encrypt these with - Name of the document to update - Hostname of the management server The client will then construct an update message containing the encrypted email addresses and the name of the document to update. This message will be sent to the management server.

One way for clients to locate archive management servers could be the DNS

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