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Echo Sensor Relay Information Technology (ESRIT) Methodology

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000018936D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Aug-21
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Aug-21
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This disclosure covers a consistent method for debugging and diagnosis, by employing echo relay code, to relay information back to stations that process the data. It will receive various sets of data, like arrival times, sizes, etc, to isolate problem areas.

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Echo Sensor Relay Information Technology (ESRIT) Methodology

  Disclosed is a consistent method in technology for finding out times for various type of activity, such as I/O, network, or any application based data passing method. For network activity, if something is responding slow, a ping can be done to find out round trip times with various sizes. Tracing of packets can be done as well to find out times when sent or received, but not the times at various points between where delays might be, for example, switches, or routers, or various machine hops between. For I/O activity, I/O applications can be monitored with written programs using time or by finding out what the return times are in system level traces or average read and write times. The drawbacks of these methods are the complexities in diagnosis. Each layer, CPU, I/O, network, application level data passing methods all have different tools, and with all the layers between, there is no consistency.

This invention creates a methodology for finding out information, by implementing echo sensor relay code, consistent code at various layers. The code can be used in device drivers, in kernel code, where-ever it can be implemented. These echo sensor relays would pass back the requested information, such as point-to-point times, echo times, size of data, data sequence or name. The starting point would be the echo station. Development of an ESRIT Monitor can also be done based on the data received. The ESRIT Monitor can be a windows based program that gets all the echo sensor relay, and can display in an understandable format, the various ESRIT responses, thus making it very easy on a high level to get a low level analysis.

Echo Sensor Relay Information Technology (ESRIT) code would be implemented at various layers. Applications or test programs can specify to use ESRIT for certain information to get back information. ESRIT code would always have the starting time in each portion. For example, in I/O technology, an application can issue ESRIT for some I/O issued, or perhaps for each I/O issued. ESRIT code could be implemented in the adapter device driver and the disk device driver which would relay back the information separately by another threa...