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A System and Method for Managing Printer Paper Size Conflicts Disclosure Number: IPCOM000018938D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Aug-21
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Aug-21
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This article outlines an intelligent print management program with a reduction function which would allow a printer to continue printing a spooled job, even if the correct sized paper cassette is not loaded. The printer management function could be implemented in the printer hardware (microcode,) within the printer spooler (at print client or print server,) or both.

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A System and Method for Managing Printer Paper Size Conflicts

Most business printers support two paper cassettes which, in the Americas are typically loaded with standard and legal size paper. A problem occurs when documents are transmitted from other countries in differing formats, such as A4, to an American company. The A4 paper size is very close in size, and as such, difficult to distinguish from standard size. As a result, a user may send such a document to a printer which does not have A4 paper loaded and inadvertently halt the print queue. Current printer behavior when this occurs is to halt the print queue, thus stopping ALL queued print jobs, and wait for the correct paper size to be loaded, after which it continues printing from the point where the queue was halted.

The preferred embodiment of the present invention would add logic directly into the printer's hardware, software, or firmware to enhance spooler paper handling capabilities. This invention could also be applied to the spooler on the client side which sends the job to the printer, or could also be applied to the spooler on a printer server, which manages activities and job streams for the particular printer, and is not limited to the example of the preferred embodiment. Logic has been evaluated to assist with printer paper management and the following enhancements lend themselves to useful application. Other enhancements to spooler paper handling may exist and could be applied to the preferred embodiment described here. In th...