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Publication Date: 2003-Aug-22

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An improvement is a metallic clip having a U-shape, with a top face ended in peaks pointing 90° down and a bottom face having a double-side coated adhesive on the inner face. The clip is opened slightly to allow it to slide into the end of the panel, the peaks face-to-face with the pile of the textile insert, and the adhesive face to the upper bottom side of the aluminium panel cage. When the clip is correctly inserted, the clip is allowed back to its initial position to firmly hold the end of panel, the peaks gripping the textile part and adhesive being fixed to the aluminium panel. Hence the end of panel is protected, damage to, or pulling away, of the insert is prevented. The individual clips still allow the mat to be rolled up, so cleaning operations may be easily conducted. The aesthetic aspects of the mat are not downgraded as with alternative solutions.