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Method for Detecting Areas of Functional Weakness in a Product Disclosure Number: IPCOM000018960D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Aug-22
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Aug-22
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This disclosure describes a real-time, graphical way to quickly determine which areas of a product, currently undergoing software verification testing, may be "functionally weak" as determined by number of defects associated with a particular component or function.

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Method for Detecting Areas of Functional Weakness in a Product

CMVC is one tool used in parts IBM to track defects that have been logged against a particular product undergoing testing. In CMVC defect reports, a particular component is identified as being the component where the defect was found. By querying CMVC, the numbers of defects associated with any given component in any given product can be determined. We then take the defect numbers and display them graphically. By simply moving the mouse-cursor over a particular component in the matrix, the defect numbers associated with that component are displayed in a "flyover." The color associated with the given component is calculated by a formula that considers the size of the component (measured in lines of code) and the numbers of defects and severities of those defects (weighted accordingly) logged against that particular component.

In the above picture, the mouse is currently over the fictitious"jcf" component (the one in black) and shows that that component has a total of 4 defects, 1 of which is a sev 1 (highest), one of which is a sev 2, and the other two are categorized as "sev 3 or sev 4" defects.

You will also note how some of the components show red and others show yellow. The ones in red represent components that have significant numbers of defects and the ones in yellow represent marginal components. This type of a display allows developers to very easily determine which components of a product are...