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IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console Event Repository Query Tool Disclosure Number: IPCOM000018964D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Aug-22
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Aug-22
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This UNIX shell script offers a front-end to the wtdumper command that ships with IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console. It allows for complex SQL queries of the event repository database without having knowledge of the internal details of the database.

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IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console Event Repository Query Tool

  This tool is a command line utility which runs under UNIX and the BASH shell under Windows. It takes the command line arguments, validates them, builds an SQL query, runs the "wtdumper -w" command with the query, and formats the output based on command-line switches.

The command line arguments consist of sets of event attribute names, and the value to search for in the database. A display parameter is also required.

For example, the following command will search the event repository for all TEC_Notice events with a hostname of host1, and will display all matches:

./ -class TEC_Notice -hostname host1 -da

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