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Easy Mail Filter Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019045D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Aug-27
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Aug-27
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With the prevalence and growing amount of spam (unwanted e-mail) from all over the world, e-mail users need a quick and easy way to filter unwanted notes. Filtering means to view each piece of incoming mail and determine what to do with the mail such as: keep it, delete it, or store it in a special place or folder. Existing mail programs allow a user to edit preferences and define a filter, this is a normal function of all good e-mail software. Usually the e-mail receiver has to perform a separate action from the object menu and in a separate window, enter the filter a name, and enter (usually cut-n-paste) the information (text) to filter the mail on and select what action to do with the mail. The drawbacks to this is that is takes extra time to set up a mail filter when having to go to a separate place in the mailer program and enter the filter text. When the volume of spam is great, this extra data entry is time consuming.

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Easy Mail Filter

The idea is when a user is viewing his/her incoming mail (inbox) and selects a piece of new mail, there would be a new button (like the send or forward button) on the mailer program's GUI that is called "filter". When the "filter" button is activated on a specific piece of mail, the "filter button" software would parse the fields of the piece mail and display a pop-up window. The pop-up window would display the parsed fields from the mail. The parsing would occur on the normal mail filter fields such as, sender, subject, or inline text.

The manner in which this idea will work is:

Once a user pressed the "filter button", the window would pop-up and the have set the parsed fields like:

button1 sender: button2 subject: New Disclosure Idea button3 date/time: 07/09/2003 10:30 button4 cc:none button5 Mail text: This mail is a test program. It is used as an example of mail text.




buttonN: Trailer: Anonymous User

Tester Extraordinaire

Action: What do you want to do with this in the now and in the future? Save in folder, delete, .....

The window will be arranged with selection buttons on the side of each parsed field. The user could then select the fields he wanted to filter against by easily selecting the buttons. The fields to the right of each button would also be editable, so that if the user wanted to modify a field he/she could by adjusting the text and making the filter text a subset or superset of what was in...