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Method of Dynamically Logging and Modifying Work Out Routines Using Software Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019129D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Aug-29
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Aug-29
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Described is a method to dynamically log workout routine data and modify the routines using sensors, software, and a device to run the software.

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  Method of Dynamically Logging and Modifying Work Out Routines Using Software

Disclosed is a system that using existing computer systems or embedded systems and weight machines modified with sensors to log data from exercises can dynamically change the workout routine based on the data. The data logged from the workout routine of an individual can be tracked and modified based upon the results (tone muscles, bulk up, reduce love handles) a user wants to achieve. There are many computer programs and spreadsheets that can help someone track their workout routine and help make suggestions, however, allowing a person to enter the data into the computer allows the user to enter incorrect data into the program. A system that logs the data and analyzes it can make modifications in the workout routine to achieve the maximum efficiency of the exercises, sets, and repetitions of the exercise without being biased. The system can also work without the use of a personal trainer, allowing the user to work out on their own time and not the time the personal trainer can fit them into a schedule.

The hardware needed for the system consists of: weight lifting equipment, sensors, computer or embedded system, networking capabilities between the sensors and computer or embedded system. The weight lifting equipment is augmented with sensors that can capture data during the exercise and a device to transmit the collected data to a device that is running the workout routine program. The workout routine logs and analyzes the data and can make improvements upon the workout routine based on the data. These improvements can be immediate or take place sometime in the future.

The initial workout routine, improvements, and changes to the workout routine are based upon preferences of the user as to goal of working out and how fast they want to achieve the goals given time constraints and other variables selected by the user. The software can also be designed to send reminders and notif...