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Technique for accomplishing Cut and multiple Paste while multiple Scan to Fit using a standard TWAIN data source Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019173D
Publication Date: 2003-Sep-03

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Most imaging application programs provide a view of an image. Most TWAIN data sources (scanner drivers) provide a preview. The ability to cut a piece of a new image and paste it onto an existing image, using "scan to fit" operation, is very useful. "Scan to fit" operations resize the new image piece while doing the cut and paste operation. An extension to that is cut, scan to fit, and paste an image onto multiple areas of the existing image. This proposal suggests a technique for doing all operations, using standard TWAIN triplets while taking advantage of the data source's user interface to make the new image selection. Normally it is not be possible to perform this operation because the triplet that causes the data source's user interface to appear also causes a transition to TWAIN state 5. Once this happens it is too late to change the scaling or resolution at which the scan will occur. These cannot be appropriately set before the user interface is visible because the input size is not known. This concept solves this problem without adding custom capabilities to the data source, thereby ensuring device independence.