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The taxi call process which used bar code(2nd dimension)

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019201D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Sep-04
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Sep-04
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Disclosed is a process which makes a call of a taxi easier by using the cellular phone with mobile camera and making a bar code(2nd dimension) read.

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The taxi call process which used bar code(2nd dimension)

1.Outline This process makes it possible to arrange bookings for taxi from taxi stand or other places. Wherever you are unfamiliar town, place(eg taxi stand) it will be possible to inform correct the place you are. by this process. The same innovative , By to tell information of number on the telephone pole to the operator of a call center ,the users can inform the place they are.

This invention develops that process more easily the point of operation and inquires process by use the cellular phone with mobile camera and a bar code(2nd dimension). And it makes possible to give helpful service to physically handicapped person.

2.Supplementary explanation of "Service flow chart" in Fig.1

1) A user moves to the place of the guidance board with the bar code(2nd dimension) which taxi company installed.
2) A user makes a bar code(2nd dimension) read into the cellular phone with mobile camera (for it to be a loading model about the logic which can recognize a bar code(2nd dimension)). The bar code is include location information and URL of Web site.
3) URL of Web site which location information and taxi company are managing in advance is recorded by a bar code(2nd dimension).

Thereby, URL is displayed on a cellular phone and a user accesses.
4) Inquiry information and location information are inputted into Web site which taxi company manages.

Using the information, the person in charge of a call center arrange...