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Up-grading and customizing equipment such as lamp drivers in the field

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019205D
Publication Date: 2003-Sep-04
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Up-grading and customizing equipment such as lamp drivers in the field

    Generally, when a customer wants to use different types of lamps or LED arrays or solar panels etc., he must order different lamp drivers, different LED drivers or different solar inverters. This leads to logistic complexity. However, very often these different products only differ in the control circuitry controlling the operation of these products or even more in particular in the software that is used in this control circuitry. A better solution is to enable the customer to adapt the control circuitry and/or the software to a certain application (i.e. type of lamp, LED array or solar panel). This adaptation can be realized by replacing the control circuitry or part of the control circuitry. Alternatively or additionally this adaptation can be realised by introducing parameters in the software and setting the values of these parameters. Similarly, the values of parameters already present in the software can be adjusted. The customer can be informed about the required data via the internet or via an information carrier such as CD-rom. This same procedure can be used not only for customizing but also for up-grading in the field.

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