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Method for effective help/test system constructed by small packaged samples

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019234D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Sep-08
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Sep-08
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Disclosed is a system for efficient help/test by small packaged sample. The sample is effective way to show how to use, but in some case, developing the sample is too expensive. By defining sample package format and preparing some tools, the package can be used for multipurpose. The package consists of sample files, documentation, precondition, operation procedure, and expected result. Precondition, operation procedure, and expected result should be machine-readable format. They are not used by human. Tools to support this idea should understand this information and show it to the user properly. This packaged sample can be re-used by supporting work and regression testing, and can be shipped with product as a part of help. This can reduce total development/support costs.

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Method for effective help/test system constructed by small packaged samples

  Disclosed is a system for efficient help/test by small packaged sample. The  sample is effective way to show how to use, especially for products to develop  GUI. To develop good samples are expensive. If the effective small sample  package can become collection of samples, the support person can develop one  small packaged sample as an answer of a question (a part of support work).  Additionally, if the packaged sample can be used for other purpose like  testing, the packaged sample has more value. To make this possible, the sample  package should have following information.

(1) Sample files.
(2) Documentation (Explanation for human)
(3) Title, Keyword for search, Meta-data of package.
(4) Precondition for this sample.
(5) Operation procedure for this sample. 
(6) Expected result by the operation procedure.

To handle above sample package, assume following tools.

* Package tool for sample developer

Sample package should be a simple file to make package transport easy.  Sample developers use this tool to make an archived file and to prepare  some machine-readable information for the other tools.

* Sample Viewer for end user

Sample Viewer should be shipped with the product. This can import sample  package file and make collection of sample to show the user. When user  selects a package, and tries to�...