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DataManager - A Program For Concurrent File Read and Write Access in a File Sharing Environment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019244D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Sep-08
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Sep-08
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DataManager is a command line utility program for data processing management. The program is useful for teams that need to control concurrent access to data records in text files.

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  DataManager - A Program For Concurrent File Read and Write Access in a File Sharing Environment

DataManager is a command line utility program that is used to read and write data to a shared file. The program tracks the last record read from the data file. This allows multiple workstations to read data from a common file, and each will be returned the next available record. Thus each workstation is assured to read a unique record from the data file.

The DataManager program locks the data file for read or write access, and also updates a record tracking file with the record number of the next data row to use. By using this program to access a shared file, the record tracking file is properly maintained. The data file tracking record may be easily reset by deleting the DataManager record tracking file, or resetting the tracking record tracking file value to the first record.

This solution solves the problem of data allocation to distributed clients in a simple LAN shared file environment. This program manages the lock for using the shared file on the LAN. If the file is already locked, the program will retry for the file lock to be freed. For a read operation, the program gets a lock on the data file, reads the previous record counter from the record tracking file, reads the specified record from the data file, increments the record counter and writes the new record counter to the record tracking file, and releases the file lock. The functions which are implemented in the DataManager program are:

Read - program reads the current record (specified by the record...