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Services Implementation Solution for e-business

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019248D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Sep-08
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Sep-08
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This methodology enables IBM specialists to quickly implement a test platform of multiple e-business technologies tailored to the customer enterprise. This test bed consists of the latest operating system (and associated software products) platform and a number of customer selectable e-business technologies. The test bed allows customers to test technologies with minimal impact to their production systems while allowing their personnel to gain on-site hands-on skills in their use and implementation.

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Services Implementation Solution for e-business

  This procedure/invention uses a reusable methodology that
allows IBM Technical Specialists to: help customers create a
running test bed level of their most current operating system
platform; create test environments for a wide variety of
selectable e-business technologies; provide hands-on skills
transfer for these technologies to customer personnel all at an
affordable cost and much quicker than if implementing these
changes outside this process.

The process includes use of IBM Expertise; a Proven Project
Plan, Statement of work template, a series of documented
step-by-step set of instructions to migrate a customer to the
a new operating system and e-business technologies that the
customer selects, sample meeting plans, a Project Manager's
Guide that describes the various methodologies all stored on
a data base available to the IBM Specialists involved in the
performance of the customer project. The data base also
includes various presentations that may be used to explain the
various technologies to the customer personnel.

The solution consists of two parts: 1) a set of base services
to order, install and tailor the base software system and
respective products and; 2) a fixed number (e.g. 20 units
which equals 20 days) of selectable e-business technologies
that the customer can choose from. Each available e-business
technology is weighted by the number of days it takes to
implement, with the time it takes and compl...