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Method to remotely query SMBIOS in support of Deployment software Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019250D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Sep-08
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Sep-08
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Prior to deploying an operating system to a computer system, it is necessary to have details about the hardware configuration of the system. In the Intel server space, this information is collected by BIOS and aggregated in SMBIOS tables. This disclosure describes a process for providing this information to remote deployment software.

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Method to remotely query SMBIOS in support of Deployment software

       Deployment software is capable of detecting a management processor or baseboard management controller through its network interface. Example discovery protocols are SLP and RMCP ping/pong. Through the remote interface deployment software will execute a power on of the system. During POST, BIOS creates the SMBIOS tables. After creating them, it will pass them to the management processor using a messaging interface. The management processor or BMC supports a read operation through its remote interfaces. The deployment software will query the management processor or BMC for these tables. This allows the system's SMBIOS tables to be read without requiring application software to be running on the server. This allows deployment software to detect the hardware characteristics of the server without first deploying a scan utility to the managed system.

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